2022 Midterm Election Results

The key things you need to know following the 2022 midterm elections in Kansas and Missouri.


Edmond Dantès| Pexels

A voter drops their ballot into a box, casting their vote.

Elle Simon, Web Editor in Chief

Millions of Americans voted in the 2022 midterm elections on Nov. 8. Races were on for senators, state representatives, and some states held governor elections as well. The Democratic Party won the Senate majority and the GOP has the majority in the House of Representatives. Here are the key results from the midterm elections in Kansas and Missouri.



Former Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt was elected as a senator for Missouri. (National Association of Attorney Generals)

Republican Eric Schmitt won the race for Missouri senator with 55.5% of the vote. He previously served as the Missouri attorney general and the state treasurer. 


District 1: Cori Bush (D) 

District 2: Ann Wagner (R)

District 3: Blaine Luetkemeyer (R)

District 4: Mark Alford (R) 

District 5: Emanuel Cleaver II (D) 

District 6: Sam Graves (R)

District 7: Eric Burlison (R)

District 8: Jason Smith (R)

Amendment 3

53% of Missouri voters voted in favor of Amendment 3, legalizing  the recreational use of marijuana. Non-medical users can purchase up to three ounces of the substance and fines will still be issued for smoking marijuana in public.



Kansas Senator Jerry Moran will continue to serve as senator for the sunflower state. (Jerry Moran| moran.senator.com)

Incumbent senator Jerry Moran will continue to represent the state of Kansas. The Republican won 60.5% of the vote and has served as the senator for the sunflower state since 2011.


Laura Kelly will continue to serve as the 48th governor of Kansas. (Laura Kelly| governor.kansas.gov)

Democrat Laura Kelly will serve a second term as Kansas governor. She won 49.2% of the vote and has been the governor since 2019, as well as serving as a state senator for 14 years.


District 1: Tracey Mann (R)

District 2: Jake LaTurner (R)

District 3: Sharice Davids (D)

District 4: Ron Estes (R)