Interfaith Prayer Service Photogallery

Thursday Nov 17th was Sion’s annual interfaith service, students were allowed to wear civvies with a small donation. All proceeds went to Dialogue Institute of KC.


Arleth Guevara

Sophomore Camryn Markey presents her struggles and achievements within her faith with a personal story that talked about her mom.

Arleth Guevara, OP/ED Editor


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  • Junior Daniela Castro-Carrera acted as the M.C, for Thursday’s interfaith prayer service, she helped end each presentation with meaningful thought and discussion.

  • Junior Munira Mohamed shares her deep insights about her religion, and her struggles to get where she is now.

  • Sophomore Camryn Markey presents her struggles and achievements within her faith with a personal story that talked about her mom.

  • Junior Aleena Khan talks about feeling alone, and how long it took her to find people who relate to her struggles regarding her beliefs.

  • Sophomore Greta Grossman reminds the audience of the horrors of the Holocaust and reminds them of the still daily struggles as anti-semantic groups rise.

  • Junior Lucy Shively gets emotional after sharing her tragic losses, and how she has grown in her religion because of them.

  • Junior Genesis Martinez Porras shares a tragic part of her past and her connection with faith afterward at the Interfaith Prayer Service

  • Juniors Kate Wren and Aleena Khan share an open and heartfelt discussion over Khan’s recent interfaith speech.

  • Senior Sofia Boulware and Juniors Tillie DeVolder and Ellie Henson join in on the prayer service’s open discussion about the main themes of the speakers stories.

  • Freshmen Siobhan O’Connor and Addison Warn, smile as they participate in the prayer service discussion talking about their own religious experiences.

  • Zoned in freshman Wendy Castro and Salem Smith, give their full awe and attention to all the speakers.

  • Junior Kate Wren excitingly takes out her phone to record her friend and speaker junior Aleena Khan

  • Music director Elizabeth Mulkey drums along as she shares a duet with athletics director Kate Pilgreen

  • Athletics director Kate Pilgreen sways to the music as she sings a duet with music director Elizabeth Mulkey

  • Athletics director Kate Pilgreen, and music director Elizabeth Mulkey share a duet at the prayer service.

  • Senior Caroline Dold passionately sings a song by The Beatles “Let it Be”

  • Senior Katherine Pineda fills in her heart as part of Thursday’s Maison activity after the prayer service.

  • Senior Alea Fowler proudly shows off her heart.

  • Sophomore Stella McClure and Junior Livvy Cavaliere enjoy the peaceful maison time as they fill in their wooden hearts.

  • Junior Lexi Houston gives her full attention to her wooden heart during the maison period.

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