Mandate the Vaccine

Schools should mandate the COVID-19 vaccine because not doing so could cause harm to students and teachers.


Joe Raedle

Participant in COVID-19 vaccine study has blood drawn on Aug. 7, 2020 at Research Centers of America in Hollywood.

Ava Albracht, Features Editor


As COVID-19 vaccines are finally starting to be slowly rolled out to the public, more and more people are hopeful about the potential of things getting back to normal in the near future. However, if a large portion of the country refuses to be vaccinated it will draw this process out much longer. Those who are quarantining and getting vaccinated should not have to suffer because 39% of Americans are planning to opt-out of the vaccine, according to Pew Research Center, for the sake of freedom or fear of being tracked by the government through microchips. If only 61% of Americans get the vaccine every single person will suffer including students and teachers. 

Courtesy of Pew Research Center

Schools across the nation have the opportunity to increase herd immunity and speed up the end of the pandemic by only allowing students who get the vaccine to come back in person. With 52% of students still online, according to CNBC, students and parents alike are desperate to go back to school and many might be willing to get the vaccine if there is the incentive of going back to school. Students and teachers deserve to stay safe and the best way to keep everyone safe is by mandating the vaccine to students. 

Anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers both want to live life “normally”, yet they refuse to do anything to actually help our society get back to that place. They hide behind unfounded rumors that the vaccine has microchips and will control you and carbon dioxide in masks will cause hypoxia (breathlessness). Anti-vaxxers are going to put innocent students’ and teachers’ lives in danger because due to medical conditions, not everyone who wants to can get vaccinated. It is simply not safe for unvaccinated children to return to schools which is why schools nationwide need to mandate the vaccine for anyone who is able to get it.

Mandating the vaccine is not an infringement on human rights. It puts the interests of our nation as a whole over the interests of the individual which will ultimately save more lives. Yes, it is slightly scary to get the vaccine knowing that there is a .2% to 9.7%, according to the FDA, chance of having a severe adverse reaction; however, by taking the risk and trusting the science and doctors, our society as a whole has a better chance of surviving and getting to a point where we no longer have to be so isolated from one another. It is selfish to not get the vaccine and expect to be able to send your kids to school knowing that they could infect someone with an allergy to an ingredient in the vaccine.

In addition, all Catholic private schools should mandate the vaccine for those who want to learn in-person. Students are constantly preached at to respect all human lives in their religion classes that they take for most of their education. Vaccinating everyone respects all human life by protecting the most vulnerable among us.