Advice to Freshman

With a new year and a new and a bigger freshman class, with the pandemic still looming, they need some advice and tips to survive their first year at Sion.


Brianna Legette

The freshman hallway was teeming with students going from class to class. Noting what she likes about being a freshman as Sion, freshman Gretchen Kowalewich said, “I like it here. Everyone is really talkative and nice.”

Brianna Legette, Features Editor

Freshman year of high school is definitely one of the most unfamiliar and new environments out there. So here are some tips and tricks to surviving it. 


One of the most important tips is to find your friend group. This is a hard,  daunting task for many reasons.One of which is that,  most of you don’t know each other. You’re all from different schools, perspectives, and backgrounds, and yet you all came to Sion for a reason. Finding your friend group consists of trial and error,  seeing if certain people are compatible, or if you vibe with other people. You should find something you like in common, or something that you relate to. 


That leads me to my next point is to go to the Club Fair and join clubs, sports and extracurriculars. It is a great way to get involved at Sion and like I said, find people you can relate to about certain topics, or interests. Playing sports is a great way to get to know someone else, because they have a common interest. It sounds cliche to go to those things, and do those things, but just do it. You will feel much more welcome when you’re participating in a sport or club . 


Another tip is to not put so much pressure on yourself to do extremely well. No one is going to care if you didn’t get 100% on that one assignment, except you. I’m not saying don’t try hard t or do well in your classes, just don’t put that too much of a  burden on yourself to succeed at everything you try .  Everything is not as big of a deal as you can make it out to be. Freshmen should just try your best, and hope for the best, and if you don’t get as good of a grade as you thought, get cut from a sport, or don’t get invited somewhere , it’s not going to be the end of the world.


The last piece of advice to freshmen is to follow your passions. Sion offers a wide variety of courses that suits all or most interests, so you can choose to take the courses you feel most drawn to. If you like art, you can take a bunch of art classes, as your schedule and credits require it. Freshman should follow their passions from the beginning of their Sion years, so by the time you are a senior, you can look back and say that you did what you loved, and it was awesome.  


This is  your freshman survival guide. If you follow those tips and pieces of advice, you are sure to have a great freshman year, full of fun and surprises.