Rivalry Night Ends With Two Varsity Losses

Varsity volleyball and softball lost rivalry games at St. Teresa’s Academy Sept 13.

Paige RItter, Co-Photo Editor


Competing in front of large crowds at St. Teresa’s Academy Wednesday Sept. 13 in softball and volleyball, both games ended in a loss. Softball’s final score was 15-5 and volleyball finished 1-2. Students came together to cheer on the Storm dressed in the theme “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

“Sion is such a great community and it’s so awesome to have everyone come out and support us,” senior volleyball co-captain Bridget Roudebush said.

The night began with the softball game at 4:30 p.m. The game ended in the 5th inning with the score 15-5. It was the team’s second game of the season against STA, the first was a loss at home Aug 29. The team had a pep talk to motivate themselves for another match up against STA however, the fans contribute to that as well, according to senior softball player Sarah Totta. 

“My favorite thing would have to be the fans that come out and support,” Totta said.

Varsity volleyball, scheduled to begin at 6 p.m., competed last. The team lost their first set 25-14. The set was the team’s worst, as many players were nervous and playing timid, according to freshman Brynna Dow. The team was playing in their first and last STA game of the season in front of cheering student sections.

“It was an amazing experience because I had never played in such an intense game,” Dow said. “The loudness of the gym made me really me excited.”

The second set was won 25-16 after adjusting to the loud environment and nerves. The team came together and played their best volleyball of the season, according to Roudebush. The team, consisting of seven seniors this season, was happy as they wanted to perform especially well against STA.

“Before the game we all sat down and talked about the importance and passion that everyone needed to bring to the game,” Roudebush said.

The final set ended with a score of 20-25. Despite the loss, the team is pleased with their performance, according to Roudebush. The team does not turn to the final 1-2 scoreboard when reflecting on the game, but how they accomplished their goal of playing their best volleyball.

“I was worried in knowing I had to be playing my best,” Dow said. “But I was really happy with the outcome. I had never seen our team play that well and we definitely came out to play.”

The competitive edge with STA brings more fans out than usual, according to senior Scream Team Leader Mandy Mayer. The student section always creates a loud atmosphere, reflecting the athlete’s passions in the game.

“My favorite moment of the game was seeing the seniors play and wanting to win so badly,” Mayer said. “The crowd’s cheers reciprocate their same desire to win.”

Despite both teams losing, there are still a few weeks left in the seasons, allowing time to improve both records before competing in districts.