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Rival Game Ends With Victory

The basketball team beat rival St. Teresa's Academy in two out of three games at home Nov. 17.

Lily Drouin and Ana Pendergast

The basketball team’s season opener at home against rival school St. Teresa’s Academy ended in a win Nov. 17. Varsity beat the stars with a score of 63-51. 

Though two starting seniors were injured and unable to play, communication with fellow teammates helped strengthened their gameplay. The energy is high in rivalry games whether you are playing or not, according to injured senior Meghan Frerking.

“It was awesome to see my teammates kill it out there,” varsity player Frerking said. “And I had a lot more fun than I thought was possible on the bench cheering them on.”

The freshman team began the night with a 34-33 loss against STA, followed by JV winning 36-24.

“We were down by 11 at halftime, we came back and took the lead, we just weren’t able to hang on to it,” freshman coach Chad Lynn said.

The newly named ‘Storm Watch’ student section was packed with hippies, the theme for the night. Students wearing Birkenstocks, loose bell bottom pants and tie-dye were loudly cheering on the team. Students also made posters to support the team.

“The student section is super fun, my voice by the end of the night is always gone from screaming so much,” junior Chandler Rawson said.

To kick off the night, drum line performed, leading the student section in. The cheer team performed their routine at halftime, showcasing multiple pyramids. Following cheer, the dance team performed their pom routine while the basketball team prepared for the second half of the game.

“Performing is insane. Your mind is just on overload. The energy from the crowd makes it so much fun, especially since it was in front of the STA student section,” junior cheerleader Savannah Childress said. “It just makes you want to hit everything in the routine perfectly,”.

The varsity team was led by senior co-captains Mariah Lynn, Sarah Totta and Amaya Adams. After winning their first game of the year at home and defeating their rival, the team is looking forward to their season, according to Adams. For six seniors this was their last game against STA at home. Despite the win, the team still looks to improve.

“I think we definitely need to get in shape,” Adams said. “We won, I can’t complain.”

Some highlights from the game include 12 made free throws, 21 successful two-point shots and three successful three-point shots. Wrapping up the winning game, the student section crowded into the center of the gym in celebration.

“I love to see the fierce competitive drive come out of athletes,” Head Coach and Director of Athletics Kate Pilgreen said. “Rivalry games not only have the ability to create tough competition, it raises your level of play.”

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