Throwback Thursday: Back to Back Games With the Rival

St. Teresa’s Academy keeps their winning streak as they go head to head in softball and volleyball.


Ana Pendergast

Junior Maya Bair pitches the softball during the game against St. Teresa’s Academy Sept. 12. Varsity lost in five innings 18-1.

Paula Sweeny, Co-Photo Editor

Flashback to the volleyball and softball games against St. Teresa’s Academy Sept. 12 resulting in losses and scores of 1-18 in softball and 8-24 in volleyball. 

“I love playing against STA,” junior Maya Bair said.  “because it’s people we all know and are friends with so it’s always fun seeing them.”

In the second inning, STA players circle around home base as senior Mary Allmon jogs in from her home run putting the scoreboard at 0-11.

In the fourth inning, a yellow blur leaves the fingers of junior Maya Bair and the ball is hurtling down home plate. In an instant, the crack of a bat is heard and the yellow ball is now cutting through the warm September air. STA freshman Isabella DeZeeuw starts sprinting towards first base as junior Brooke Walker grabs the balls and hurls it towards senior Dani Rotert who throws it to freshman Lauren Ellwanger but it was too late. DeZeeuw was safe.

In the fourth inning with STA in the outfield, cheers erupt from the Sion dugout as sophomore Hannah Borgmeyer hits a single that sends Rotert flying to home base for Sion’s first run of the game. In the fifth and final inning

Bair catches a ball that puts St. Teresa’s Academy in the outfield and Ellwanger hits a double. Sion got two more outs and the game was over at 1-18 due to a mercy rule.

I think the game went a lot better than the score showed. We had some really good plays and unfortunately, we were just unlucky,” Bair said.

Following the softball game was the volleyball game. Students filtered into the gym in pajamas and polo shirts as they got settled in their student sections. STA’s theme was “Dads” and Sion’s was “Night, Night, Stars”. The lights dimmed and Athletic Director Kate Pilgreen began announcing the players as they ran through a tunnel of cheerleaders.

“[The energy from the stands] was so fun and the team really benefited from the energy,” said varsity player junior  Liz Jacobs. “It was cool to experience so much support from everyone.”

The whistle blows and it’s game time. In the first set, STA senior Cozette Viles serves the ball and sophomore Brynna Dow scoops it up and bumps it to junior Marigrace Bishop. Bishop sets it up for Jacobs who spikes the ball back over the net, earning Sion a score of 7-11. The three team up again to return a serve sent by STA junior Kristen Ford which ends up right on the line but is called

in. Senior Caroline Garrison and Viles tip the ball back and forth until Sion wins the point. St. Teresa’s kept their winning streak in the first and second sets with the second game ending in 8-24.

“I thought the entire team played with a lot of heart. They never gave up regardless of what the score was,” varsity volleyball coach Bob Lampen said. “As a coach, I was proud to see that.”