A Drive to Success

Junior Megan Propeck shows her love for golf in her success.


Kamryn Rogers

Propeck competed in the state golf competition Thursday, Oct. 3.

Abbie Sinow, Reporter

As her father and 7-year-old brother trot onto the vibrant shamrock-colored course, small brunette 4-year-old junior Megan Propek trails closely behind.  Her father passes a club to her brother, Jake Propeck, and pulls one out for himself as they each line up to hit the small round ball off the tee. Propeck pulls out the neon orange club out of her backpack along with a ping pong ball and places it on the ground. She mimics her brother while lining up her body just right, lifts the club up to her shoulder and takes a fierce swing, sending the white object seven feet diagonally to her left.

Partnered with Hy-Vee, Spectrum Sports KC awarded junior Megan Propeck with the Spectrum Sports Award Thursday, Sept. 26 due to her outstanding accomplishments in golf.

“Megan so deserved this award and others for what she did at the start of the year,” coach Dana Hoeper said. “Up until last week, she had won every tournament we have played in.”

Propeck began playing golf recreationally at age five and competitively at age 10. She continues to practice every day, staying on the course for up to 12 hours the week before a big tournament. 

“The days I’m in a tournament are really long,” Propeck said. “I practice beforehand for two hours and then after I’m done I practice after that.”

Propeck has been on the Varsity golf team since freshman year, building strong connections with the members ever since. The team works together for their goals and encourage each other to do their best, according to Hoeper. This teamwork is credited for their district win Monday, Oct. 7 against Winnetonka High School.

“We have a lot of good laughs,” fellow team member and junior Lia Johnson said.  “It helps take the pressure off us at least a little bit.”

Kamryn Rogers
Junior Megan Propeck stands with members of her team at the state competition last year.

Propeck and Johnson met at a tournament the summer of 2017 when they were both going into freshman year.  They bonded over goin

g to the same high school, sparking a friendship that would last years into high school.

“We were at the Kansas Junior Ambiter,” said Propeck. “We were in the same group and it was super windy that day.”

Propeck was behind her going down a hill and Johnson let go of her cart to pick something up, sending her cart down the hill and straight into the pond, losing her personal belongings, like her phone and purse. Propeck’s mother helped Johnson get her cart out of the water and Johnson let go of it again, sending it into the water for the second time.  

Kamryn Rogers
The golf team posed for a photo together at the 2018 state championship tournament.


“It just makes me laugh even more now since I know her personality,” said Propeck. “It just represents her perfectly.”

Propeck and Johnson have remained close ever since, practicing every day and traveling with the team for the last three years. It eased Johnson’s anxiety that she knew someone else coming into freshman year, according to Johnson.

“Megan carries herself with humility and grace in how she interacts with her teammates,” said Hoeper. “She has worked very hard to achieve this level of golf and doesn’t take it for granted.”