“Setting” the Court for Senior Night

The volleyball team commemorates their seniors on Senior Night Oct. 10.


Keely Schieffer

As senior Abby Gahagan’s name is called, she entered the gym to receive flowers alongside her parents at volleyball’s Senior Night Oct. 10. At Thursday night’s game against Raymore-Peculiar High School, senior players were recognized and honored.

Keely Schieffer, Reporter

Running through the tunnel of cheerleaders as applause filled the air, senior volleyball players entered the gym. The players high fived each other as they line up to get ready to play. Volleyball senior night took place Thursday, Oct. 10 resulting in a loss against Raymore-Peculiar High School.

The volleyball team commemorated their seniors at the annual Senior Night. Before the game, the seniors were announced and walked out on the court with their parents. They received flowers from their underclassmen teammates as they shared words of advice to the team’s future leaders.

“I think senior night went really well,” team captain Mary Grace Bishop said. “In the first set, I think we worked really well as a team and came together.”

The team fell to Raymore-Peculiar High School volleyball team in two sets. Cooper is a new addition to the team this year so this is his first senior night with this volleyball team.

“I thought the girls did the best that they could against a team that is very good and relatively undefeated,” volleyball coach Charles Cooper said.

The team has a positive attitude which helps the team bond, according to Cooper. The team has traditions before the game such as dancing in the huddle and cheering all together before the game.

“Hopefully the culture continues with a positive attitude without the seniors next year,” Cooper said. “The girls are a very positive group and I’d love to see that live on.”

In honor of senior night, Cooper made the starting line up all seniors. They blended very well together and worked hard on their night, according to Dow. 

“I think senior night went really great,” junior Brynna Dow said. “The first set all the seniors played and it was really cool to see them all work and come together on their night.”

The team will be losing seven seniors next year. Juniors players will have big shoes to fill in the next year, according to Dow.

“It will be really sad without the seniors next year,” Dow said. “They did a really great job as leaders and role models and we will miss them a lot.”