Chiefs Super Bowl Excitement Infects Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl LIV and students share their experience and love for the Chiefs.


MCT Campus

The Kansas City Chiefs arrive in Miami, Florida Jan. 26 for Super Bowl LIV against the Tennessee Titans Feb. 2.

Kate Conway, Reporter

The Kansas City Chiefs arrived in Miami, Florida for the Super Bowl LIV Sunday, Jan. 26 after defeating the Tennessee Titans in the AFC championship on Sunday, Jan. 19 at Arrowhead stadium. The Chiefs demolished the Titans 35-24 earning the Chiefs the coveted spot in the Super Bowl LIV.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes broke the franchise record for postseason touchdown passes. Mahomes also brought the Chiefs to victory by scoring two, fourth-quarter touchdowns. This will be the first time in 50 years for the Chiefs to be in the Super Bowl and Kansas City couldn’t be more excited. 

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Road to Miami.! ⏰

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“The experience was amazing because of the overall energy in the stadium,” junior Audrey O’Brien said. “Everyone there wanted to win the game so bad so each play was as exciting as the next. It was chaos after a touchdown in the best way possible.”

Junior Mikayla Gunther along with her family is following the team to Miami for the Feb. 2 game. Gunther and her family have had season tickets for and been avid fans for as long as she can remember. The Gunthers have always supported the Chiefs and are now excited to support them all the way in Miami.

For them, the Chiefs has always been a family thing. The tickets have been passed down from Gunther’s great-great-grandfather and tailgating at the games is a big part of their experience. At the game this past weekend Gunther said the energy was amazing and that it was one of the most exciting games she had ever been to. 

“I think the energy will be different since it won’t be at Arrowhead, but I am excited to bring a little bit of Kansas City to Miami,” Gunther said.

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Arrived in Miami 🌴

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Also at the game, Junior Caroline Giocondo “loved the riveting energy” at the AFC championship game. The Giocondos have been fans and love the spark the Chiefs bring to Kansas City. Despite the 20 degrees high, that didn’t stop the crowd from roaring. Giocando said that it was never quiet and that she never sat down. Giocondo and her family don’t attend many games but they knew this was a once and a lifetime experience that they had to attend. 

“I am ecstatic for the Super Bowl game and I am already a little anxious. I love the Chiefs and I am thankful that they are allowing me to experience something that hasn’t been seen in KC for 50 years,” Giocondo said. 

Senior Grace Parrott said Kansas City should be proud. She believes that when the Royals won the World Series in 2015 the city gained a sense of pride and formed a close-knit community unlike any other. Now with the Chiefs representing Kansas City as a whole in the Super Bowl the love for our city will only go up. Parrott’s decision to go to the AFC Championship game was a last-minute decision. Attending with her friend all the way from Boston, Parrott said she couldn’t think of a better way to show her Kansas City than at the loudest stadium in the world with a big win. 

“What the chiefs are doing right now can change the city for the better,” Parrott said. “I cannot wait to see how they represent us.”