Diving into a New Chapter

Swim and dive team celebrated their seniors while also competing against St. Teresa’s Academy.


Keely Schieffer

Senior dive captain Caroline Knopke warms up her front twister for the St. Teresa’s Academy Dual meet on Jan. 28.

Keely Schieffer, Reporter

The packed aquatic center was echoing with cheering voices as senior night was held during the St. Teresa’s Academy Dual meet on Jan. 28 at the Red Bridge YMCA.

“I think that the meet went really well,” senior dive captain Caroline Knopke said. “Diving finished top three and then swim finished off strong too.”

Swim and dive team combined enough points to pull ahead by two points and defeat St. Teresa’s swim and dive team with a total score of 94-92. Knopke was awarded first place in dive.

“Every girl on our team raced which was super cool and everyone raced their hardest which I am very proud of,” junior Emma Grojean said.

The St. Teresa’s Dual is a meet where many swimmers and divers strive for a state cut,  according to Knopke. The swim team’s medley relay of seniors Peyton Wiewel, Olivia Townsend, junior Kate Conway and sophomore Ava Albracht got state cut for the second time this season.

“My favorite part of the STA Dual meet was having all of the crowd there cheering everyone on,” Knopke said.

The St. Teresa’s Dual is the highest attended meet by the student body. The pool was filled with friends, family and staff to support the swimmers and divers, according to Knopke.

“My favorite part of senior night was hearing the seniors advice and favorite memories we all shared together,” Albracht said.

The seniors were celebrated in the middle of the meet after diving took place. Each senior, accompanied by their parents, walked down to the balloon arch and the rest of their team. While making their way to the end, Head Swim Coach Kelly Timson reads off each senior’s accomplishments, favorite memory and advice for the underclassmen. Shortly after they are greeted with a hug from a teammate along with a bouquet of flowers.

“It will be really sad without the seniors there to give advice to get through classes and life,” Albracht said.

Swim team will be losing nine senior swimmers and dive team will be losing one senior diver. The two captains on swim and one on dive will be replaced by a junior selected at the end of the season.

“We won the meet so we obviously have been working hard and it paid off,” Knopke said.