Rallying Together

Tennis seniors Audrey O’Brien and Lindsey Dougherty suffer a 3-8 loss against Blue Valley at Minor Park Tennis Courts on Sept. 22.


Catherine Crayon

Senior Lindsey Dougherty waits in anticipation to receive a serve from Lexi Gunn during a tennis match against Blue Valley high school on Sept. 22

Catherine Crayon, Video Content Editor

Despite losing against Lexi Gunn and Maia Bajich from Blue Valley High School, seniors Audrey O’Brien and Lindsey Dougherty remained positive as the sun beamed down on the Minor Park Tennis Courts Tuesday afternoon.

“I really like being doubles partners with Audrey because we’re friends outside of school and tennis,” Dougherty said, “I think that bond and friendship really helps us to connect during the match and become better players to win.”

With a shorter season due to COVID-19, O’Brien and Dougherty have been doubles partners all season and are currently ranked as 2nd in doubles. Although the loss was tough, the duo is known for their upbeat spirit and supportive friendship.

“They have so much fun,” Coach Meghan Flanigan said, “They laugh and they play hard. Lindsey and Audrey don’t get discouraged, they enjoy what they do and you can see it on the court. They have the ability to focus, have fun, and play solid doubles all at once.”

As O’Brien struck a serve over the net, the two kept each other grounded throughout the entirety of their matches.

“If Lindsey or I ever start to get mad during a match,” O’Brien said, “we always calm the other person down. We’re very level-headed, most of the time.”

Although it is only Flanigan’s second year coaching, she has already seen great improvements in the two compared to their last season.

“They have improved a huge amount,” Flanigan said, “They were both top JV last year and have gotten stronger in their strokes and smarter in their court awareness.”

In spite of trailing Blue Valley by 5, the pair never stopped smiling and joking around with each other. Whether you see them in the classroom, on the courts or hanging out on the weekends, Dougherty and O’Brien have a strong friendship and it shows.

“When pairing doubles partners, you focus a lot on their chemistry together,” Flanigan said, “Lindsey and Audrey have always worked tremendously together and I think that heavily stems from their friendship outside of tennis.”