Soccer Triumphs in the First Game of the Season

Varsity soccer defeats Pembroke Hill High School 2-1 at home on March 23.


Freshman Jane Lehmann kicks the ball up the field to her teammates March 23.

Kate McCarthy, News and Sports Editor

After a steadily tied game, the varsity soccer team narrowly beat Pembroke Hill High School on March 23. 

The game started at 4:45 P.M. with the team lining up on the field in their all-grey uniforms, ready to take on the Pembroke Hill raiders. The squad jogged onto the field, nervous, but ready and in anticipation for the kick off. The ball was kicked off by Pembroke and the game began. 

Senior Kennedy Ruark battles in front of the goal in an attempt to score.

The first minutes of play were close and physical. Sion came out with energy and aggression, scoring within the first 15 minutes of the first quarter. Nearing the end of the first half though, the game began to intensify as Pembroke gained confidence. The atmosphere became fairly tense and stressful near the middle of the second half with various fouls being called on both teams. Nearing the end of the first half, the raiders obtained a penalty near the goal and scored and jumped and hugged in celebration. 

“I was thinking ‘okay we need to score’ and I think it motivated the team to become more aggressive and focused on winning the game,” junior Grace Townsend said. 

After an intense

Sophomore Grace Gaither sprints down the field towards goal as a Pembroke Hill player, Ava Rasmus, trails close behind.

pep talk during half time from head coach Doug McLagan, the team jogged back onto the field ready to play with intensity and passion. The two teams battled it out with various players diving, sliding, and rolling towards the ball. Despite this though, the team endured and worked together to win their first game of the season. 

“We pulled out a win and it was an amazing experience to see everyone cheering us on,” freshman Jane Lehmann said. “I feel so welcome and the upperclassmen are a huge help when it comes to where I need to be and what I need to do.”