Over the Snow

I’m forgetting what a full week of school feels like thanks to Mother Nature.


Cecilia Mohacsi

Making the most out of the snow, I built a little snowman on one of my days off.

Cecilia Mohacsi, Print Editor-in-Chief

It’s cold and icy, nothing new. And frankly, I’m really over this weather. It has come to the point where I question if I should even go to school on Wednesdays anymore. Who wouldn’t when we’ve missed four Wednesdays since Christmas break. If it wasn’t a Wednesday, it was a Thursday or Friday or a long weekend or a field trip. Long story short, we haven’t had a full week of school in a while.

These couple months of short weeks and alternative schedules to accommodate the harsh winter weather sent our way have really spoiled me. A snow day is the perfect time to work ahead on homework or study for tests; however, these days off have given me plenty of time to foster my senioritis. Instead of making the most out of these days off and being a productive student, more often than not I found myself watching some Netflix, scrolling through social media or FaceTiming friends. Just when we get a full week of school, we have Sion Olympics tomorrow, Mar. 7, which calls for a fun day and spring break to look forward to next week. There are a number of students who are leaving for break early on Friday, not to mention the four day week we come back to after spring break.

As a senior, I graduate whether we use up too many school days or not, so I’m not worried about adding on days to the end of the year. When it comes to AP classes though, it’s cutting it a bit short. College Board doesn’t care that we’ve missed valuable class time so the testing days will be the same even if we get behind on learning content. The teachers are figuring out ways to squeeze it all in, but getting back to a normal routine sounds nice.

My biggest complaint is the road conditions, specifically the road conditions in Missouri. I know it’s not an impossible task to create drivable roads after snow hits because Kansas is doing a fantastic job. As soon as I cross State Line, it’s like night and day. Missouri roads already have an infamous reputation for their potholes and lack of maintenance, and the poorly cleared roads after a snow storm aren’t helping. Speaking of potholes, they have gotten much worse over the winter too, no thanks to Mother Nature.  

In all honesty, these days off have been really nice to break up the school week and take the day off. But after dealing with this weather week after week, I’m over it. I know everyone else is too, especially when the topic of conversation with every other person is about how cold and gross the weather has been. Let’s hope this is the last of the winter weather this season and we are on to warm spring temperatures very soon.