Meet the New Faces

Transfer students, freshman Reece Howard and sophomores Addison Diaz and Sabrina Ross answer get-to-know-you questions.


Avery Brundige

Sophomore Sabrina Ross, Freshman Reece Howard and Sophomore Addison Diaz

Avery Brundige, Features Editor

Sophomore Sabrina Ross, Freshman Reece Howard and Sophomore Addison Diaz

Q : What brought you to Sion?

Diaz: I just quit ballet, which is what I’ve been doing for the past six years all day, every day.

Ross: I really loved how small the school was. It wasn’t such a big environment, it was more of a personalized relationship with everyone.

Howard: There’s a really great community and everybody being so welcoming on shadow days.

Avery Brundige
Sophomore Addison Diaz


Q: Where were you before attending Sion?

Diaz: I was homeschooled.

Ross: I was at Blue Valley West.

Howard: I was at Aquinas.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about Sion so far?

Madeline Hammett
Sophomore Sabrina Ross

Diaz: The environment. Everyone has been really nice and I love all the teachers.

Ross: I really like how many art classes are available and I love how the teachers are so involved and want to everything in their power to help you.

Howard: How all the teachers all really want to work with me and have such a personal relationship.


Q: What are your hobbies and extracurriculars?

Avery Brundige
Freshman Reece Howard

Diaz: I want to join dance team.

Ross: I am mainly an artist. Art and fashion and photography are my main things.

Howard: I’m a swimmer. I love art and theater. I love journalism.


Q: Favorite show to binge?

Diaz: You.

Ross: I watched the first episode of “You,” and loved it.

Howard: High School Musical the Musical Series. I’m obsessed.


Q: What is your favorite food genre?

Diaz: Japanese food.

Ross: Probably Mexican food.

Howard: I love my Italian food. I eat it all the time.


Q: Do you have any pets?

Diaz: I live on a farm, so we have lots of farm animals. Some people count that.

Ross: Sadly, no.

Howard: Two dogs: Jones and Coco.