Student Leaders Create New Clubs

In this 2020-21 school year students and teachers created new and unique clubs for students to participate in.


Kate McCarthy, Copy Editor

Five new clubs have been added onto the schedule this year. These clubs include the True Crime club, Controversies, Conspiracy Theories, and Current Events club, Student Alumni club, Ukulele club, and Sewing club. These unique new ideas have been manufactured by the creativity of many students and faculty. 

One new club, True Crime, was created through a student’s passion for the subject. Junior Marie Messerli made the club because she has always had an interest in crime, especially crime involving women. Messerli wanted to build a club where crime could be discussed and looked at more closely. In this White Week club, Messerli says that she plans to listen to podcasts, read articles, watch shows, and learn about everything crime related.  

“I’m really excited about it. I think it’s not like a lot

Founder of Ukulele Club, Elizabeth Mulkey, joyfully strums her instrument as she teaches the other club members how to play the notes on the screen.

of other clubs,” Messerli said. “It’s a topic that really interests me so I’m excited to talk about it with my friends and everyone who decides to join.”


The CCC club was created by seniors Mady Jenkins and Grace A. Riley. Jenkins and Riley created this club because they wanted to have open discussions about conspiracy theories and how they relate to current events. During club time, they plan to start with a presentation of a few current events from that day and then transition into a conspiracy theory that could relate to those events. After this presentation, they hope to  have a conversation about what was presented as well as what it all means. So far they already have 20 members and are ready to get discussing these various different topics.

“So far we have had really good discussions of theories we can bring to the club,” Jenkins said, “as well as other ideas and activities we could do together next time we meet.”

Freshman, Vikki Muchai sits up straight and lines up her hands perfectly so that she learns how to strum her ukulele chords to the music coming from the television before her.

In addition to these student-created clubs, Alumni and Constituent Relations Manager Erin Markowicz designed the Student Alumni club. In this club they brainstorm different opportunities to engage with the alumnae in various ways and events. Everything from Career Day, Pass the Pearls, mentoring ideas, Junior Ring and more will all be planned through this club. 

“We are looking for ways to let the students engage with alumnae early,” Markowicz said, “and continue to develop those relationships.” 

Another new club this year is the Ukulele club which was created by Mrs. Mulkey. This club has 5 members so far which are eager to play this fun instrument. Ukulele club is a purple week club that was made because of a simple gift from the seniors a couple years ago. After receiving this gift, Mulkey learned that many students at sion played ukulele. As a result, Mulkey decided to attend a brief workshop to learn how to use play along videos for her new club. During club time they plan to learn how to play ukulele and practice different songs along with the videos to learn some fun new songs. 

We have only met once so far, but the girls I had were excited and fun to play with,” Mulkey said, “I don’t know who the leaders are yet since we just started, so I’m going to give every club member a chance to lead this year.  We will then choose a leader maybe for next semester.”

“We have some great new clubs this year and I think they will cultivate leadership.””

— Fran Koehler

Finally, junior Caroline Renner, who has been sewing since she was nine years old, created the Sewing Club as a way to educate others on a craft she loves. This passion came to Renner because she both teaches and works at Harper’s Fabric and Quilt company. Renner views sewing as a dying art that needs to be kept alive. In this White Week club, they plan to make masks and other small projects first, but then move into sewing quilts which they will then give to sick children in hospitals.  

“I’m excited to be starting this club and to see how much progress we make from the beginning of the year to the end,” Renner said. “The girls in the club so far that I have met have exceeded my already high expectations and I would feel very proud if one day, when I graduated, this club was left for them to carry on.”