A Letter To My Freshman Self

As my last quarter nears, I reflect on the past 15 in the form of a letter to my freshman self.


Photo submitted by Avery Brundige

Seniors Shannon Karlin, Madeline Hammett, Sharon Kramschuster, Mason Lewis, Maggie McKinney, Sophia Allen, Olivia Shively and Avery Brundige pose for a picture in their uniforms on May. 21.

Avery Brundige, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief

Dear freshman Avery,

Seniors Avery Brundige and Sophie Henkle pose with their popsicles during their freshman year field day Aug. 25, 2017. (Photo submitted by Avery Brundige)

To be frank, high school is not like the movies. It’s hard and it can be sad and sometimes it feels never-ending. But trust me when I tell you this, no matter how hard the senioritis may be hitting, that never-ending feeling is starting to feel like a blessing. 

Right now, you might have just lost your first STUCO election, or finished your first lacrosse practice or maybe even gone to your first Rockhurst football game (they’re way overrated anyways, especially since you didn’t bother to learn the rules of football until this past January). I want you to know that that “totem pole” in your head doesn’t matter; it’s okay that you lost that STUCO election or didn’t know who to sit with at that football game. You’ll find your place with the most amazing people and, by the end of senior year, you’ll be wishing for more time.

Now seniors Madeline Hammett (top left), Sophia Allen (top right), Dillan Elmquist (bottom left) and Avery Brundige (bottom right) conclude their color run May 30, 2018. (Photo submitted by Avery Brundige)

During sophomore year, you might start to fade out. Try not to get stuck in a slump of routine and familiarity, although it is comforting and stable. You can always expand your horizons; confining yourself to a label or a group will only hinder your future endeavors. Who knows- maybe by senior year, you will go apple picking with a girl from St. Teresa’s or have a Galentine’s celebration with a friend who didn’t come to Sion until junior year. Don’t discount anyone, especially yourself.

Now, when it comes to grades and college: your hair might start turning grey by 2020 (that’s a whole other story) but don’t give up. Your hard work will definitely start to pay off. That said, don’t hold yourself to an unreasonable standard. Your grades don’t define you. One bad Mid test or one missed assignment won’t kill you! Life is about balance- you don’t need to cancel plans to ferment yeast. Go outdoors, appreciate your friends and savor your last moments at Sion. High school is what you make it and I know for a fact you’ll do great.