Continuing her Career at Creighton

Senior Kennedy Ruark commits to further her soccer and academic careers at Creighton University next year.


Sofia Aguayo

Senior Kennedy Ruark finishes passing the ball to her teammate during her club soccer game.

Sofia Aguayo, Copy Editor

During her last high school soccer season, senior Kennedy Ruark reminisces over some of her happiest memories made playing soccer throughout her whole life. From traveling to Europe with her club team several times to strengthening her relationship with the Sion soccer team during team sleepovers, Ruark will miss all these experiences that made her into the athlete she is today. At the same time, she eagerly looks forward to the

next chapter of her life playing soccer on the collegiate level for Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

Soccer has been an important part of Ruark’s life since she started playing at age four. Her family fostered her love of the sport by being great role models through their own soccer careers. 

“My whole family’s been a soccer family,” Ruark said. “My dad played, my older brother played in college and he’s really good so it’s kind of been a fun and competitive atmosphere in my family, so I feel like I was kind of born into it.”

Senior Kennedy Ruark outruns a girl on the opposing team playing a game for her club team. (Sofia Aguayo)

It was no surprise to her friends and family that she committed to continue her career in college. After committing to play at The University of Missouri in Kansas City her sophomore year, Ruark realized that it was actually not where she wanted to attend.

“I was originally going to UMKC,” Ruark said, “but I made that decision as a sophomore and I realized that was not the place for me.” 

Ruark ultimately decided to change her decision and commit to play in Omaha instead. She feels the university is a better fit for her, especially because it embodies the aspects of Sion she loves.

“It reminds me of Sion in a way,” Ruark said, “because it’s smaller and it’s very community-oriented which is a big thing for me.”

In a game for her club team, senior Kennedy Ruark prepares to make a powerful corner kick. (Sofia Aguayo)

Ruark made the decision to attend Creighton towards the end of her junior year in April to play on the team as either the left back or left outside mid positions. This will be a switch for her as she plays as either the center forward or left forward positions on the Sion team, but feels that trying new things and being open to new positions is always a good learning opportunity. She believes this is very important to realize, especially for new people on the team.

“I would just say be open to playing new positions. I am in no way a forward, but I learned and it helps develop new skills. In the long run it’s gonna help you as a player.”

Not only will Ruark miss her high school team, but the team will miss her also. Her friend, junior Mia Eakins, has always seen Ruark as a great role model on the team and someone to look up to.

“Kennedy is one of the most determined people I know,” Eakins said. “She is a great leader and you can always come to her with anything.”