Excited for the Year to Come

As we approach the end of the school year, I talk about future expectations and hopes for next year.


submitted by Kate McCarthy

The varsity field hockey teams achieves a win in their St. Louis tournament in 2019.

Kate McCarthy

In the past, the future has always been unknown, but nothing compares to the feeling of “unknown” then the current pandemic filled, upside – down world that we currently live in. Honestly, I have no idea not only what next year holds, but the future in general. Our lives have been completely altered in many different irreversible ways, so this coming year is bound to look very different. 

For me personally, I think this next year is going to be unforgettable and special. As I enter the Sion community as a leader of a school, a senior, I expect that will come with a certain pride and spirit that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Specifically, I hope that by this time next year things will be as close as possible to “normal.” Though I honestly am not even sure what normal is anymore, I hope that by next year most students within the school as well as staff members are vaccinated and protected so that we may go back to the old Sion we knew before the pandemic. 

This year has been super difficult in terms of the loss of many Sion traditions. Next year, I expect that many of these events will be back and better than ever. Events such as winter formal, fall dance, color run, field day, mother daughter luncheon, prom, father daughter dance, and many more amazing gatherings will hopefully be back for my last year at Sion. I have missed these events dearly and cannot wait for the chance to spend time enjoying the Sion community outside of the school campus. 

Juniors Kate McCarthy and Sofia Aguayo pose for a picture after running the fire hose water during the color run their sophomore year.


Another huge thing I expect for next year is college. This search will be interesting because our grade has gotten little exposure to the typical college application process. I am sure that I will be taking many trips to the counselors office to figure out my life’s plan, as well as many stops by Pil’s office to talk about all the college stress. I hope that by next year I can better figure out who I am and what I want in my future career and goals as a whole. 

Finally, perhaps the most exciting experience for next year is my role as print co – editor – in – chief of the newspaper. I am beyond excited to take on this role and step up as a leader of t

Junior Kate McCarthy takes a picture in front of the gates at Purdue University on her various college tours over spring break.

his publication. I can’t wait to see how much further we can progress this amazing publication with the new members of staff and I hope that we get frequent visits from our soon to be college freshman.

For now, all I have is hope for the future that life will return to normal and I can have an amazing senior year here at Sion before I have to leave.