An Open Letter To The Sion Community

Student Body President Mary Hudak gives her thoughts on the past school year and reflects on her time as head of the student body during COVID-19.


Stephanie Vince

Seniors Julia Hughes, Audrey O’Brien, and Delaney Minor cheer as math teacher Reynold Middleton gets dunked Sept. 21, 2018 at the Purple White field day.

Mary Hudak

Dear Sion students, parents, and faculty, 

My name is Mary Hudak and I have a cousin who hasn’t had the opportunity to attend in person school since the pandemic started. The only group social interaction he gets with his friends and classmates is over Xbox Live and in overcrowded Zoom classes. This is the current situation for thousands of students across the country. We are incredibly lucky that Sion was able to adapt and innovate so that we would be able to go to school in person this year. So much has changed, yet Sion has worked so hard this year to give the community the amazing experience Sion is known for. Old traditions have been reworked to be safe and new traditions have found their way into our hearts. What Sion faculty and staff have done this year is nothing short of incredible, yet it seems not everyone is able to see that. 

Recently, it has come to my attention that not everyone at Sion is pleased or satisfied with the job that the school has done in making this year as normal and enjoyable as possible. I have seen this in the form of emails, complaints, and even my peers telling me that this year “has sucked.” Every time these things happen, my heart breaks a little more and I am filled with a little more anger, because, through my position on the Student Council, I see what happens behind the scenes at Sion. I see, every day, the intensive amount of work and care that goes into Sion’s planning and execution of adapted events and traditions. I have seen the hours of meetings and stress that they undergo for us. I see how much they care, and I am extremely upset with the amount of resentment being directed towards the administration and faculty for things they cannot control. Sion has worked so hard this year to keep everyone safe, keep the school open, and provide a year as close to normal as possible and it is important to recognize it.

I want everyone to take a step back and look at everything Sion has made work this year, despite the many challenges. We have had more opportunities and normalcy than any other school I know of, yet I know there will still be some who will look back on this year and only see what was lost. I also know there are many more who will see how lucky we are. Negativity and positivity are contagious, and I urge you, whether a parent, student, or faculty member, to choose positivity for the sake of those around you if not for yourself. 

I know there are many individuals who really appreciate and are thankful for everything Sion has done this year, so I want to challenge each of you to make yourself heard. Send a nice email or give a thank you note to our amazing admin and faculty members, because they really deserve it. Students, even just telling your teachers how much you appreciate and value them has the potential to make their day. They go above and beyond for us because they care and believe in all of us. Let’s let them know how much that means to us. 

I know this year has been frustrating and challenging in so many different ways. I, myself, have times when I feel depressed about the current events in the world too. It is up to each of us whether to decide whether to let this pandemic define our view of this year or to rise above it in spite of it and whether we will spend our time wishing that we had more or spend it appreciating and enjoying everything we have. Personally, I prefer the second options, but what you decide is up to you and you alone. 

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out and I look forward to finishing my final year of high school off strong with the Sion community. 


Mary Hudak, 

Student Body President