Besties for the Resties

Seniors Kate McCarthy and Taylor Crouch value the friendship they have made over the past three and a half years after having almost every class together.


Senior Kate McCarthy rides on senior Taylor Crouch’s back for a photo taken at the color throw this year.

Sofia Aguayo, Editor-in-Chief

Best friends since freshman year, seniors Taylor Crouch and Kate McCarthy have had almost every single class together since they started at Sion. The two best friends went to grade schools in different states, as Crouch had just moved from Connecticut, but knew they would become good friends quickly after taking a look at their similar schedules. According to McCarthy, she had an interesting first impression of Crouch.

McCarthy and Crouch have been best friends since freshman year and continue to cherish their friendship during all their classes together.

“We met freshman year during orientation, and I remember we were in Shrock’s class,” McCarthy said. “I remember her sticking out to me because I thought she was weird because she was from Connecticut.”

Out of the dozens of classes spent side-by-side, both girls agree that this year’s AP Calculus AB class has been their favorite one so far, despite its rigor and difficulty. According to Crouch, this class has been her favorite with McCarthy because of the bonding they can do during class time and while doing homework. Having friends in class can be both entertaining and distracting, and the girls say their experience is a combination of both. 

“I think that it is distracting, but it’s overall helpful because we can help each other with a subject, or figure out if we have homework or not just by talking to each other,” Crouch said.

The girls have a strong bond because of all the time spent together during school days along with the time they spend together on the weekends. Every Friday night, they drive to Sonic for two medium cherry limeade slushies and an order of large mozzarella sticks every time. 

“I really love going to Sonic with Kate,” Crouch said. “We go there quite often and we always get slushies which makes it really fun.”

McCarthy and Taylor pose for a photo of their country club outfits during spirit week’s theme of “country vs. country club.”

This semester, the two have five out of seven classes together, only because they chose to be on opposite publications: McCarthy on Le Journal and Kate on Le Flambeau. According to McCarthy, it was just a small mix up that led this to happen. While signing up, both girls were listed as interested in Le Journal, then over the summer they had second thoughts and were pondering about switching to Le Flambeau. Crouch talked to the counselors about this possibility, and when school started and they received their schedules, they saw the result of their miscommunication. Both girls stuck with their publications and are currently on their second year of being on staff.

“We were kind of sad and we were both trying to convince the other to change,” McCarthy said. “She said she was going to switch to newspaper, but she chickened out. The whole thing was kind of an accident.”

Although there’s a good chance the pair will not go together to the same college, they made a friendship so strong they won’t lose touch for a long time. 

“She’s always there for me, she always supports and helps me,” Crouch said. “She can talk to me and I know she is there for me to talk to whenever I need it.”