Rocking the Runway | Mother Daughter Fashion Show Photogallery

On September 18 seniors and their mothers walked the runway at Sion’s annual Mother Daughter fashion show.


Ella Alexander

Senior Sophia Boulware and her mom Sasha Boulware share a loving gaze at the end of the runway.

Ella Alexander, Reporter


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  • Moments before stepping onto the runway senior Emily Dierks holds hands with her mom Angie Dierks.

  • Holding their arms up high senior Caroline Welsh smiles at her mom Sherrie Welsh.

  • Senior Ellington Persley links arms with her mom Nicole Hodges Persley as they walk down the runway.

  • Senior Gabel Whittaker and her mom Melissa Whittaker smile at each other as they dance down the runway.

  • Senior Zoey Marshall and her mom Stephanie Marshall-Shane flick their wrists at the end of the runway.

  • Senior Amelia Macguire leans into hug her mom Lori Macguire at the edge of the runway.

  • Senior Sofia Boulwawre and her mom Sasha Boulware pose together at the edge of the runway.

  • Senior Aleigh Mckelvey twirls her mom Sanni McKelvey around.

  • Senior Addie Hiestand and her mom Jessica Hiestand hold their hands up high at the end of the runway.

  • Senior Makaila Traylor and her mom Kendra Black smile at the audience.

  • Seniors Amé Fleur and Juwali Ya each place a kiss on Amé’s mom Alayne Webb.

  • Senior Anna Golian leans into her mom Kara Golian at the end of the runway.

  • Senior Lauren Smith and her mom Linda Smith strut their stuff.

  • Senior Elle Simon and her aunt Amber DiCioccio strut down the runway in their outfits from Clothology 135.

  • Senior Mo Browne shows off her jacket at the mother daughter fashion show.

  • With a smile on her face senior Eden Davis walks the runway with her mom Jessica Davis.

  • Senior Isabel Dumsky and her mom Rocio Dumsky strut down the runway.

  • Senior Chloe Welch walks hand in hand with her mom Jennifer Welch.

  • Senior Kori Franklin and her mom Micole Franklin walk towards each other at the end of the runway.

  • Senior Paige Castillo and her mom Amy Castillo show off their outfits from Addie Rose Boutique.

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