Riveting Recital: Tri-M Music Honor Society Recital Photo Gallery

On Wednesday March 22 the Tri-M Music Honor Society held its annual recital to display the various talents of members and students.


Lauren Smith

Senior Chloe Welch sings and plays the piano as she performs “Back to December” by Taylor Swift.

Lauren Smith, Managing Editor


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  • Seniors Caroline Dold and Lauren Millard are co-presidents of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, and throughout the recital they introduced each performance.

  • Sophomore Mel Laubscher plays “Rainbow Connections” on the violin.

  • Senior Chloe Welch sings and plays the piano as she performs “Back to December” by Taylor Swift.

  • Sophomore Amelia Bedel plays the Clarinet with Sophie Heidelman who plays the trumpet as they perform “Yesterday” by The Beatles .

  • Senior Lauren Millard sings while Junior Ginger Griffiths accompanies, and freshman Merideth Daly plays drums to perform “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley.

  • Seniors Chloe Welch, Addie Hiestand and Caroline Dold on the guitar perform “Nothing New” by Taylor Swift.

  • Sophomore Mel Laubscher plays guitar while freshman Meredith Daly plays the drums to “2000 Pound Bee” by Ventures.

  • Senior Caroline Dold plays guitar and sings with junior Noelle Bertrand to perform “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.

  • Junior Molly Millard animatedly sings “In My Own Little Corner” from “Cinderella.”

  • Sophomore Brook Petro perfectly sings and plays “Clocks” by Coldplay.

  • Senior Caroline Dold plays and sings her original song titled “Sun Song.”

  • Senior Bella Winters displays her incredible piano playing skills by performing “My Dearest” by Supercell.

  • Freshman Merideth Daly wonderfully plays guitars and sings “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

  • Seniors and Tri-M leaders Lauren Millard and Caroline Dold perform “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars.

  • Seniors Chloe Welch and Addie Hiestand perform “She Used to Be Mine”by Sarah Bareilles.

  • Senior Addie Hiestand conveys the emotions of “She Used to Be Mine” as she performs.

  • Senior Chloe Welch focuses as she accompanies Addie Hiestand in their performance.

  • Juniors Suzanne Sade, Noelle Bertrand, Lucy Wittek passionately perform “Deep River” by Russel Robinson.

  • Freshman Micah Moses and Merideth Daly with sophomore Mel Laubscher are officially initiated into the Tri-M Music Honor Society at the end of the recital.

  • Members of Tri-M conclude the recital by singing the school song.

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