Quarter Three Grande Assemble Photogallery

For the quarter three Grande Assemble students got the opportunity to get a sneak peek of “Puffs” and an up-cycled fashion show.


Arleth Guevara

The cast of “Puffs” forms a ‘protection circle’ as they await the threat to be over.

Arleth Guevara, Features Editor

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  • Junior Lucy Shively introduces her character Susie Bones

  • Sophomorer Apollo Laubscher introduces her character Hannah.

  • The most notable Puff, Cedric Diggory, played by junior Suzanne Sade, wows the new Puffs.

  • Senior Mo Browne who plays Wayne Hopkins stares at junior Suzanne Sade who plays Cedric Diggory.

  • Seniors Mo Browne and Chloe Welch dance out into the walkway in character.

  • The cast of “Puffs” forms a ‘protection circle’ as they await the threat to be over.

  • Senior Chloe Welch and junior Caroline Hammett embrace each other on stage.

  • Junior Ellie Riggs introduces the models of this years Green Team’s up-cycled fashion show.

  • Sophomore Becca Houlehan wore army green pants, a black Adidas shirt, boots, and a jacket that were all thrifted. Sophomore Brooke Petro wore a plaid pink and white thrifted dress, provided by freshman Heidi Nance.

  • Junior Sophie Hampp wore a thrifted skirt and a borrowed crewneck while junior Bailey Biggs wore a vintage plaid skirt and a white top, both thrifted.

  • Junior Kate Wren wore a spring Milkmaid dress from the ethical brand Reformation. Junior Gracie Orf wore a white and gold dress, thrifted and provided by freshman Heidi Nance.

  • Sophomore Elwyn Patterson wore a vintage yellow shirt, blue jeans, and a hand-me-down plaid shirt, paired with an antique jacket, a blue wool beret, and a second-hand pair of black heels.

  • History teacher, Dr. Lindsay Moore wore her dad’s leather jacket from the 70s, a borrowed shirt from her husband, and thrifted jeans.

  • Freshman Mo Symanski wore a thrifted, hand-painted jacket, designed by freshman Heidi Nance.

  • Senior Eden Davis wore a thrifted jean dress during the fashion show.

  • Junior Grace Kiewet wore a long thrifted blue dress, paired with thrifted fur, borrowed from sophomore Becca Houlehan.

  • Senior Isabel Dumsky wore a pink dress, that was borrowed from her mom.

  • Junior Lucero Hernandez wore a formal outfit, consisting of black pants and a white shirt, that was thrifted.

  • Models from the Green Team Fashion show, come together for a final walk down the stage.

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