The Young Conservationists | Kenya Deep Dive Photogallery

On Feb. 25 through March 10 the Global Impacts Microschool traveled to Kenya for their Deep Dive trip.


Ella Alexander

After returning from a morning game drive Mission Director Annie Riggs relaxes in the front seat of a vehicle.

Ella Alexander, Copy Editor

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  • On a morning game drive the Young Conservationists saw hyenas.

  • Out on a morning game drive there was a flock of impalas basking in the sunrise.

  • The male impala walks away from the herd.

  • After eating breakfast in the forest the Young Conservationist, led by Kate Spencer look at the water source for local villages.

  • On a hike Junior Lucy Wittek waits for Emilie Lai to jump across a creek.

  • Walking across a log Junior Claire Boma and Kenyan student Diana follow the other students on a hike.

  • While hiking Junior Mary Margret Perkins and director of STEAM Emilie Lai stop to pick up something they saw on the ground.

  • Turning around to smile at the camera junior Lucy Wittek stands in sunlight.

  • Junior Ginger Griffiths hands her coffee mug to Kate Spencer in order to jump across the creek.

  • Junior Kate Wren starts to climb the rocks leading to a precipice.

  • While sitting on the rocks Juniors Suzanne Sade and Lucy Wittek lean in for a selfie while Sophmore Ella Satterwhite and Junior Kate Wren admire the scenery.

  • During a game drive back to camp there was a male lion.

  • An impala was spotted on a nightly game drive.

  • A black rhino a species that is critically endangered was spotted on a morning game drive.

  • After returning from a morning game drive Mission Director Annie Riggs relaxes in the front seat of a vehicle.

  • While tracking lions with predator monitor Felix the Young Conservationists see a lion.

  • Junior Lucy Wittek help predator monitor Felix pick up lion scat to analvze at the lab.

  • While driving the safari cars pass over a dusty road.

  • The Cape buffalo a species of African buffalo are spotted at Lewa Wildlife conservancy.

  • A baby elephant rests under it’s mother.

  • While visiting Lewa Wilderness lodge the sun streams over the roof.

  • At Lewa Wilderness Lodge the Young Conservationist learned about luxury tourism.

  • A white rhino feeds in the tall grass.

  • The safari cars drive back to camp for lunch.

  • At sunset the giraffe feeds on trees.

  • Junior Lucy Wittek wraps trees to stop elephants from rubbing against them.

  • The elephants munches on a tree.

  • While on a morning drive other safari vehicles from Lewa’s luxury lodges drive around tourists.

  • Kenyan student Diana grabs Kenyan student Sabina’s hand.

  • Kenyan student Diana smile for the camera while wrapped up in the traditional Maasai shuka.

  • Before the traditional killing of the goat juniors Kosi Okuagu and Lucy Wittek talk with Kenyan student Sabina.

  • *TRIGGER WARNING* Junior Ginger Griffiths helps skin a goat as a part of a Maasai tradition.

  • *TRIGGER WARNING* Taking turns skinning the goat junior Suzanne Sade helps take off the hide.

  • *TRIGGER WARNING* In order to skin the goat junior Lucy Wittek pulls back the hide as she cuts it away from the flesh.

  • *TRIGGER WARNING* Josphat helps junior Kate Wren skin the goat by pulling back the hide.

  • *TRIGGER WARNING* Josphat squats next to the goat as he explains what all the parts are used for.

  • Joseph teaches junior Lucy Wittek and sophmore Ella Satterwhite how to play a traditional Maasai game.

  • The garden at a local school funded by Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

  • Juniors Suzanne Sade, Mary Margret Perkins and Claire Boma; sophmore Ella Saterwhite; and Kenyan student Sabina dig holes under the holes for drip irrigation while missions director Annie Riggs takes a photo.

  • Juniors Suzanne Sade and Lucy Wittek plant seeds in a local school’s garden.

  • Junior Mary Margret Perkins pushes the wheelbarrow to get fertilizer for the garden.

  • The local school funded by Lewa Wildlife Conservancy uses drip irrigation in order to preserve water.

  • Junior Lucy Wittek helps till the dirt in order to plant things in the garden.

  • Junior Suzanne Sade tills in the garden while fellow juniors Mary Margret Peerkins, Kosi Okuagu, and Lucy Wittek watch.

  • Junior Claire Boma plants seedlings in the garden.

  • Junior Kosi Okuagu takes her turn tilling the garden.

  • Kuresh Hassan, who works at the school, teaches the Young Conservationists how to garden and till the ground.

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