WINTER STORM WATCH | Winter Pep Rally Photo Gallery

On Thursday Dec 1 Sion held its Winter Pep Assembly ahead of the STA game, to celebrate school spirit, recognize Winter Sports, and display performances from drum line, dance, and cheer.


Lauren Smith

The Sion Dance team holds up their pom poms and signs as they wait to begin their performance.

Lauren Smith, Managing Editor

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  • Senior Scream Team Leaders Chrissa Wilburn and Samy Mora introduce the Pep Rally by revealing the STA basketball theme of Winter Wonderland.

  • Cheer Co-Captain Ellie Hutchin and the rest of the Cheer Team prepare for the start of their cheer performance.

  • Freshman Brook Soba stands tall at the top of the cheer stint during the cheer performance.

  • The cheer team holds up three members in a stint to impress the student section.

  • Juniors Imani Cutler, Tillie DeVolder, and Sophomore Denali Sanchez show off their dance moves.

  • Cheer Captain Imani Cutler and the rest of he cheer team strike a final pose.

  • Drumline Major Makaila Traylor starts off the performance for the Winter Pep Rally.

  • Drumline focuses while precisely performing their routine.

  • Drumline and Music Director Elizabeth Mulkey conducts her students for the performance.

  • Sophomores Emily Schimmel and Denali Sanchez play the symbols throughout the entirety of the performance.

  • Drumline lines up to continue to play while they exit the gym to finish their performance.

  • Teachers Dr. Grover and Dr. Moore laugh at The Scream Team Leaders enthusiasm towards the performances.

  • The Sion Dance team holds up their pom poms and signs as they wait to begin their performance.

  • Dance team members hide behind their pom poms at the suspenseful start of the performance.

  • Sion Dance Team poses in the middle of the performance as they wait for the song to transition.

  • Junior Maya Neenan smiles her way through her pom pom filled performance.

  • The Senior Class screams to win the school spirit competition between grades.

  • Cheer co-captains juniors Imani Cutler and Ellie Hutchin introduce The Cheer Team during Winter Sport recognition.

  • Senior Makayla Hebert holds the microphone for her basketball co-captain, Junior Grace Carlson to introduce herself and the team.

  • Reece Chambers hands the microphone to her fellow Dance Team co-captain Livvy Cavaliere to introduce herself.

  • Sion’s Mascot Stormy help the Scream Team leaders encourage school spirit.

  • The Freshman and Sophomore classes shout their school spirit while in competition with the Junior and Senior classes.

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