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Why Team Jeremiah?

Why Jeremiah Fisher is the right brother for Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty.
Gavin Casalegno and Lola Tung pose together for a photoshoot done by Prime Video to promote The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Full of love triangles and interesting twists, the beloved Amazon Prime Video TV Series “The Summer I turned Pretty” based off Jenny Han’s hit book series. It has taken the internet by storm. The show follows 16-year-old Belly Conklin and her two childhood best friends, brothers Jeremiah and Conrad Fisher. Every summer, the two families go to the Fisher’s beach house in Cousins Beach. Belly is notoriously known for her massive crush on Conrad, but after he breaks her heart on prom night, she and Jeremiah start to feel their own chemistry. So which team are you on? Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah? You should be on team Jeremiah, and here’s why. 


With his golden retriever-like personality, it’s hard to find a reason not to like him. He cares for Belly and always finds a way to put her first. He gave her space when she picked Conrad over him, and always supports her decisions, no matter what his personal opinion is. He always supported her and knew how to treat her well. 



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In season one, episode five, Jeremiah says “You’re my best friend. There are times I want to be more,” when they are swimming in the pool together. Later that summer, Belly ultimately chooses Conrad after kissing them both. Although mad, Jeremiah respects her decision and gives the two of them his blessing.


In season 2 episode 3, Conrad forgot Belly’s corsage on her junior prom night, and she was visibly disappointed. She wasn’t having a fun night, and Conrad wasn’t putting in any effort to have a good time. He never asked her to dance, and when he finally asked her after Steven told him to, Belly said that they didn’t have to if he didn’t want to. 


In season two, episode five, Jeremiah says that Conrad acted like taking Belly to prom was “some big chore.” He said, “If it had been me, I would have done it right. I wouldn’t have forgotten the corsage. I’d have given her the perfect night.” He always tries to make her happy and puts her joy before his own. 


Jeremiah is always open with Belly and is honest about his feelings. He told her while playing truth or dare that if he kissed her, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop. He is more reliable and doesn’t leave Belly guessing what to do next. 


If we look at the big picture, Conrad is way too unreliable, and too emotionally unstable to treat Belly right. Jeremiah is trustworthy, loyal, and can maintain a healthy relationship with Belly. He creates a more stable relationship without making Belly go on a rollercoaster of emotions.


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