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Meet the Purple Week Clubs

A look into the first week of clubs

Fun Club

Freshman Keira Hughes plays with freshly made slime. “It was a great way to connect with people and bond with people who also just wanted to have fun,” Hughes said “Everyone seemed super excited and happy about everything and it just seemed like a place I wanted to be.”
(Ella )

With Fun Club comes crafts, candy, games and more as every week brings a new activity designed to help everyone have fun.
“My favorite part about Fun Club is that it’s kind of like a big sleepover, we pick fun ideas like making slime or hide and seek and everyone has so much fun,” Fun Club co-president Kate Spenceri said. “It’s also a great way for the freshmen to get out of their shells and for everyone to just meet new people.”

Fun club is also a great way to escape the monotony of classes and hard work that make up most of a school day.

“People should join because it’s a great brain break on block days to just have fun and run around with their friends,” Spenceri said. “We also always have candy or snacks and everybody loves food!”


Drama Club

Sophomore Anna Millard and Drama Club co-president Mel Laubscher play the improv game Neighbor, were one participant is a home owner with interesting neighbors who have come to say hello. “I first joined Drama Club because I enjoy acting and I love the theatre community here at Sion,” Laubscher said, “It helps people get out of their comfort zone a bit and helps spark creativity.”

Drama club brings out the creativity in everyone, encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone into a new character. 

“My favorite aspects of drama club are improv, prop making, and slapstick,” Drama Club secretary Elwyn Patterson said. “I am not a prodigious improvisational actor. It’s something I really need to work on, but the funniest things always come out of it.”

Drama Club is also a part of Sion theater, providing props for the play and musical. For example, during last year’s production of “Puffs”, members of the Drama club made all of the wands for the show using sticks, ribbons, pom-poms, and hot glue

“Joining the Drama Club is a great way to get comfortable with acting, public speaking, and to push yourself out of your comfort zone,” said co-president Anna Millard. “Everyone in our club supports and encourages each other, and I think it’s special to have that sense of community.”

Interfaith Club

Beach Ball Bonding
Junior Allie Serville catches a ball as a part of a get-to-know-you game. “While I am atheist, I’ve always found religion and religious traditions very beautiful and interesting, which led me to do my own research about different religions purely for fun,” Serville said. “When I heard Sion had a club in which students could learn and celebrate other religions and religious beliefs I saw it as a perfect opportunity to meet like-minded peers.” (Ella)

Interfaith Club gives students the opportunity to explore and celebrate religions of all types while making new friends in a safe and supportive environment.

“I think the message of the club is what makes it so special,” Interfaith Club secretary Natasha Wulf said. “Many times in today’s world there is misinformation and a disconnect between religions. We are working to destroy that disconnect.”

Interfaith Club helps plan various events each year, including the Thanksgiving Prayer Service, and raises money for various religious organizations through bake sales and civies days.  Last year, the club donated money to the Dialogue Institute of Kansas City after the organization was vandalized. 

“The people in the club are super fun,” Wulf said. “It is a super fun club for anyone to be a part of no matter the religion or even if you don’t believe in a God.”


Spanish Club

ON BEAT Junior Elise Williams dancing in a Just Dance session. “I like to try new things and thought this would be a great opportunity to try something new,” Williams said. “It’s also great to meet new people and see the things they are interested in.” (Ella)

Be it making salsa, snacking, or having a Just Dance session, Spanish club is about more than just Spanish.

“We have parties all the time, make food, hang out, and also help with community events like the Hispanic Heritage Month and Dia de Los Muertos,” said co-president Maya Hernandez. “What makes this club special is the cultural connections that we make and the time we spend learning things such as Hispanic Folklore tales or even things going on in the Spanish Pop Culture.”

Spanish Club also makes an active difference in the Sion Community by fundraising for the education costs of a student in Ecuador.

“Everyone should join our club because it gives them the chance to expand their worldview and become more connected with a culture that isn’t their own,” said Hernandez. “It is also a nice break from day-to-day life and provides an escape to indulge yourself in a new cultural experience.

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